CVB++ 14.0
Cvb::Dnc Namespace Reference

Namespace for Match3D DNC (CAD-based 3D-object recognition). More...


class  Finder
 DNC finder used to perform a search on a point cloud. More...
class  SearchParameters
 Definition of search parameters. More...
class  SearchResult
 Single result of a search operation. More...
class  TeachParameters
 Parameters for teaching a DNC finder. More...


using FinderPtr = std::shared_ptr< Finder >
 Convenience shared pointer for Finder.

Detailed Description

Namespace for Match3D DNC (CAD-based 3D-object recognition).

Note, that this library allows only finding 3D objects using a given DNC finder. The DNC finder must be created via the CVB Teachbench.exe first. The Teachbench.exe can be found in %cvb%/Applications.

Online Manual
Common Vision Blox-Tool Match3D DNC
CMake users: Link to imported target CVB::CvbDNCFind