CVB++ 14.0

The following list gives an overview of existing examples in CVB.

Example Description Tags
Cvb/CameraConfig CameraConfig example shows how to use the NodeMap to configure camera and how to get statistical information. DeviceFactory, DevicePtr, NodeMap, Node
CppMultiPartComposite The CppMultiPartComposite example shows how to access multi-part components. ...
CppMultiStreamComposite The CppMultiStreamComposite example demonstrates an image acquisition application that uses multiple streams to acquire from. This is a modification of the SingleDataStream tutorial. IsImage, CVCCreateCancellationToken, CVDCreateOrGetDeviceObjectTyped, CVDDeviceGetStreamAt, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineStart, CVDStreamControlStart, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineWaitForNextComposite, CVDStreamControlAbort, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineAbort, CVDDeviceGetStreamCount, CVDStreamControlStop, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineStop, CVDStreamRegisterManagedFlowSetPool, CVDStreamFlowSetInfoGetFlowSetMinCount
CppSingleStreamComposite The CppSingleStreamComposite example demonstrates an image acquisition application that uses one single stream to acquire from. IsImage, CVCCreateCancellationToken, CVDCreateOrGetDeviceObjectTyped, CVDDeviceGetStreamAt, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineStart, CVDStreamControlStart, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineWaitForNextComposite, CVDStreamControlAbort, CVDStreamAcquisitionEngineAbort
Cvb/CppStreamConsole The CppStreamConsole example shows how to stream from a GenICam device. The console output gives the image's timestamp. DeviceFactory, DevicePtr, Stream, Start, Stop, WaitFor
CppUserAllocatedMemory The CppUserAllocatedMemory example shows the registration of user defined memory for acquisition Allocation, Memory, Buffer
Cvb/QmlImageDisplay The QmlImageDisplay example shows an image in a Qt display. With mouse over the pixel data are shown. ImageController, ImagePtr
Cvb/QtDisplayAdvanced The QtDisplayAdvanced example shows a display with an image. With a context menu (right click), options can be set, as well as the output of a performance test. ImageView, ImagePtr, RenderEngine, UploadMode
Cvb/QtImageDisplay The QtImageDisplay example shows an image in a Qt display. With mouse over the pixel data are shown. ImageView, ImagePtr, StringStream
Cvb/QtPropertyGrid The QtPropertyGrid example shows a Qt property grid of the device showing different features of the property grid. DevicePtr, DeviceFactory, PropertyGrid
Cvb/QtStatisticsDisplay The QtStatisticsDisplay example shows a statistics display with a stream from a GenICam device with Qt. Discover, TryGetProperty, DiscoveryProperties, Stream, GetSnapshot, SingleStreamHandler, Statistics
Cvb/QtStreamDisplay The QtStreamDisplay example shows a display with a stream from a GenICam device with Qt. DeviceFactory, ImageView, Stream, SingleStreamHandler
Cvb/QtStreamDisplayPair The QtStreamDisplayPair example shows two displays from a GenICam device with Qt. One display shows the device's output, the other display one of the planes. DeviceFactory, ImageView, RefreshMode, SingleStreamHandler, StreamPtr
Cvb/CppPointCloudAcquisition The CppPointCloudAcquisition example shows how to acquire point cloud data and write it to a file. DeviceFactory, PointCloud
Cvb/CppPointCloudCreateAndHandle The CppPointCloudCreateAndHandle example shows how to create a point cloud and set values. PointCloudFactory, PointCloud, Point3D
Cvb/CppPointCloudCreateCalibrated The CppPointCloudCreateCalibrated example shows how to create a calibrated point cloud from a range map and calibrator. PointCloudFactory, PointCloud
Foundation/CppMetricCalibration The CppMetricCalibration example shows how to calibrate a laser triangulation system using the AQS12 pattern. The result is a calibrator containing homography (intrinsic) and an affine transformation. With the calibrator the rangemap can be transformed to a calibrated point cloud with metric values. Metric, CreateCalibratorFromAqs12Piece, AQS12RangeMapSegmentor
Foundation/CppMetricCalibrationInclinationLaserPlane The CppMetricCalibrationInclinationLaserPlane exmample show how to estimate a correction for errors induced by a laser plane not perpendicular to the direction of movement. For this example an intrinsic calibration (at least homography) has to be given. Metric, CalculateCorrectionOfLaserPlaneInclinationFromAqs12Piece, AQS12DensePointCloudSegmentor
Foundation/CppMetricCalibrationRigidBodyTrafo The CppMetricCalibrationRigidBodyTrafo examples how to estimate a rigid body transformation on a metric point cloud using the AQS12 pattern. Metric, CalculateRigidBodyTransformationFromAqs12Piece, AQS12DensePointCloudSegmentor
Foundation/QmlBlobSearch The QmlBlobSearch example shows the blob search of CVB Foundation package. BlobFilter, BlobRangeFilter, BinarizeAndSearchBlobs, ImageViewItem, ImageController
GevServer/QmlGevServer The QmlGevServer example starts a QML GevServer which can load a device and stream the device image. ImageViewItem, DeviceFactory, Stream, RingBuffer, GevServer, CreateWithConstSize, Wait, BufferIndex, Send
Minos/QmlMinos The QmlMinos example shows OCR reading in QML environment. ImageController, SingleStreamHandler, StreamPtr, Utilities::StopWatch, GetTimedSnapshot, Minos::Classifier, Search, Read, StringStream
Movie2/QtMovie2 The QtMovie2 example shows the recording with CVB. ImageView, UploadMode, RenderEngine, Movie2::Recorder, Movie2::RecorderPixelFormat, DeviceFactory, ImagePtr, SingleStreamHandler
OpcUa/BareboneClient The Barebone client example shows a minimalist client with some "browsing" (i.e. searching). The client will access the "root" and "objects" folder and print the contents. OpcUa::Client, RootNode, Node, Browse
OpcUa/BareboneServer The Barebone server example shows a minimalist server with some custom content added. The server will run until a button press happens. You can access the server via our API or with any third party application. OpcUa::Server, NodeID, ObjectNode, FloatNode
OpcUa/ServerClientInteraction The ServerClientInteraction example shows a "simple" interaction between an OPCUA server and a client. The application has 2 threads (one for server and one for client). They are synchronized via the "start" and "stop" booleans. OpcUa::Server, OpcUa::Client, NodeID, ObjectNode, FloatNode
Polimago/QmlCookieClassification The Cookie Classification example shows Polimago search in QML environment. ImageController, ImageViewItem, Polimago::SearchPredictor, Polimago::ClassificationPredictor, GridSearch
ShapeFinder2/QtShapeFinder2 The QtShapeFinder2 example. ImageView, DeviceFactory, Stream, ShapeFinder2::ClassifierFactory, Learn, SearchAll, ShapeFinder2::PrecisionMode, ShapeFinder2::ClassifierPtr, ShapeFinder2::SearchResult, ImageToPixelCoordinates, Area2D, BoundingRectangle
Spectral/ColorConvert The ColorConvert example loads an ENVI-cube and its black- and white reference. It then normalizes the cube (using the references) and calculates the Lab and sRGB images. These images are stored in the tmp folder. Cube, Load, Spectral, Interpolator, Create, CubeToLab, LabToRGB8
Spectral/CubeAcquisition The CubeAcquisition tutorial grabs 100 images from the GenICam VIN-driver. Using these images a Cube is created and saved to the tmp folder. ImagePtr, Stream, RingBuffer, ChangeCount, WaitFor, Cube::FromImages, MetaData, WriteField
DNC/CppDncConsole The CppDncConsole shows how to use search a pattern in point cloud. Dnc::Finder, Dnc::SearchParameters, Dnc::SearchResult