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The documentation of Common Vision Blox can also be downloaded here.
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What is Common Vision Blox?

Common Vision Blox (CVB) is a software development kit (SDK) for machine vision applications, which can be used with all common programming languages like C/C++, .Net (C#, VB, F#) and Python and on several platforms (Windows 32/64 bit, Ubuntu 32/64bit on Intel and ARM CPUs).

CVB can be used for several machine vision applications as listed here:

Image Acquisition Image Processing 3D
Network Interfaces and Streaming 2D Object Recognition Hyperspectral Imaging

Besides the SDK Common Vision Blox also provides some auxiliary applications like e.g. the GenICamBrowser for easy image acquistion and the Teachbench, a training utility for pattern recognition.

     Visit also the Common Vision Blox website .

CVB Software Packages and Licensing

Available Software Packages

The basic license contains all functionalities of the Image Manager as image acquistion, image and point cloud handling. If you are a using a camera from Stemmer Imaging, you already got the CameraSuite license for the Image Manager. Advanced functionalties for image processing will be provided with an additional license for the Foundation Package. If you a looking for a special application, you can get a license for a specific CVB tool.

Image Manager/CameraSuite Foundation Package CVB Tools

How to get a CVB license?

How to get and activate a CVB license?
Open Source Licenses in Common Vision Blox (see also OpenSourceLicenses.pdf in %CVB%Doc)

Download and Installation

Common Vision Blox can be downloaded in the download area of the CVB user forum. Information about the installation and usage of CVB on different platforms (like Windows 32/64 bit, Ubuntu 32/64 bit PC and Ubuntu Ubuntu 32/64 bit ARM) can be found in the CVB introduction. Please also have a look at the current CVB Release Notes for details about supported compilers, version and update infos.

Getting Started with CVB

To get an overview over Common Vision Blox it is recommended to read the CVB introduction first. Detailed information about image acquisition and the GenICam standard can be found int the GenICam User Guide.

 Introduction to Common Vision Blox
 GenICam User Guide
 Migration Guide for the Acquisition Stacks
 Introdution to CVB APIs (C++, .Net, Python)
 Interfacing CVB to 3rd party imaging libraries (OpenCV, IPP, Halcon or others)

Starting programming with CVB, the following links will guide you. The whole API documentation can also be found there.

 Getting started with CVB C++ 
 Getting started with CVB .Net (C#, VB, F#)
 Getting started with CVB Python

Error Logging

To get specific error messages please use the CVB LogGUI.

Help and Support

You have questions regarding CVB? Visit the CVB user forum or contact our support.