CVB++ 14.0
Plane3D Member List

This is the complete list of members for Plane3D, including all inherited members.

DistanceToOrigin() const noexceptPlane3Dinline
DistanceToPoint(const Point3D< double > &pt) const noexceptPlane3Dinline
DistanceToPoint(double x, double y, double z) const noexceptPlane3Dinline
Normal() const noexceptPlane3Dinline
Plane3D() noexcept=defaultPlane3D
Plane3D(double nx, double ny, double nz, double distanceToOrigin) noexceptPlane3Dinline
Plane3D(Point3D< double > normal, double distanceToOrigin) noexceptPlane3Dinline
SetDistanceToOrigin(double distanceToOrigin) noexceptPlane3Dinline
SetNormal(Point3D< double > normal) noexceptPlane3Dinline