CVBpy 14.1
CVBpy - Common Vision Blox for Python


CVBpy wraps CVB for easy and convenient use in python.

Lifetime Management

CVB provides low level access to devices and drivers. As a user please be aware of the importance of lifetime management. It is recommended to use the python "with" statment with all objects, that hold significant resources like devices and images.

Enum Values

Python does not define enum as a type. However CVB's low level API defines quite a few enums. Equivalent enums are available in CVBpy as static read only int properties of global enum classes.

Implicit Casting

Whenever possible, CVBpy implicitly converts between int and float. In order to convert floating point number to integer numbers, a mathematical round is applied. If the conversion is undefined or overflows, then the result is undefined and may or may not produce an error.


CVBpy only installs automatically, if a suitable python version is found on your system. Otherwise check the requirements and install manually.



  • pip (for installation)


  • numpy
  • pyside2 (required for cvb.ui)

Please check out for stable python versions.


Installing the wrappers can be done using pip. Using the install script will also setup code completion for your IDE (e.g VS Code).

  • %CVB%/Lib/Python (Windows)
  • /opt/cvb/python (Linux)

You may also install CVBpy in a virtual environment.


You can uninstall CVBpy using the uninstall script or using pip.


Please see our user forum or contact our support via