CVBpy 14.0
DeviceImage Class Reference

Special device image. More...

Inherits Image.

Inherited by EmuImage, and VideoImage.


 is_disconnected = property
 bool: Returns whether this image is now standalone (not connected to a device anymore).
- Properties inherited from Image
 bounds = property
 cvb.Rect: Bounding rectangle of the image in pixels.
 color_model = property
 int: Color model realized by this image (see cvb.ColorModel).
 coordinate_system = property
 cvb.AffineMatrix2D: Gets or sets the coordinate system of the image.
 height = property
 int: Height of the image in pixels.
 plane_data_types_identical = property
 bool: Check if all planes have the same data type.
 planes = property
 List[cvb.ImagePlane]: Access all planes for this image.
 size = property
 cvb.Size2D: Size of the image in pixels.
 width = property
 int: Width of the image in pixels.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Image
cvb.Image clone (self)
 Creates a new image object, that is a copy of the current instance. More...
None copy (self, cvb.Image target_image, Optional[cvb.Rect] source_rect, Optional[cvb.Point2D] target_position)
 Copies the image data from the source rectangle of this image to the target position inside the target image. More...
cvb.Image create (int width, int height, Optional[int] num_planes, Optional[cvb.DataType] data_type)
 Creates an uninitialized image with the given parameters. More...
cvb.Image from_images (int mapping, List[cvb.Image] images)
 Create an image that is the result of concatenating a series of input images. More...
cvb.Image from_planes (int mapping, List[cvb.ImagePlane] planes)
 Create an image that is the result of concatenating a series of input planes. More...
List[float] get_pixel (self, cvb.Point2D position)
 Gets the pixel values for all planes at a give position (as float list). More...
cvb.Point2D image_to_pixel_coordinates (self, cvb.Point2D point)
 Convert a point from image to pixel coordinates. More...
cvb.Image load (str file_name)
 Loads an image with the given file name. More...
cvb.Image map (self, cvb.Rect source_rect, Optional[cvb.Size2D] target_size)
 Creates a mapped image of the region of that image scaled to the size. More...
cvb.Point2D pixel_to_image_coordinates (self, cvb.Point2D point)
 Convert a point from pixel to image coordinates. More...
None raise_pixel_content_changed (self, cvb.Rect rect)
 Inform clients listening to the pixel content changed event, that the image data has been updated in the given rectangle. More...
cvb.EventCookie register_event_pixel_content_changed (self, Callable[[cvb.Image, cvb.Rect], None] handler)
 Register a listener to the pixel content changed event. More...
None save (self, str file_name)
 Write the current content of the image into a file. More...
None unregister_event_pixel_content_changed (self, cvb.EventCookie event_cookie)
 Manually unregister a listener from the pixel content changed event. More...

Detailed Description

Special device image.

This image points to the image data that is currently processed. It is not necessarily the newest acquired image. It points to the image buffer, that is returned due to the last grab synchronization method (that is Stream.wait() method).