CVBpy 14.0
GenICamDevice Class Reference

A GenICam compliant device. More...

Inherits Device.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Device
None close (self)
 Closes the device and releases all hardware resources held. More...
cvb.EventCookie register_connection_state_changed_event (self, Callable[[], None] handler)
 Register a listener to node updated event. More...
Union[cvb.ImageStream, cvb.PointCloudStream, cvb.CompositeStreamstream (self, Type[cvb.ImageStream|cvb.PointCloudStream|cvb.CompositeStream] stream_type, int index=0)
 Gets the stream for this device by index. More...
None unregister_connection_state_changed_event (self, cvb.EventCookie event_cookie)
 Manually unregister a listener to the node updated event. More...
- Properties inherited from Device
 connection_state = property
 int: Gets the current connection state (see cvb.ConnectionState).
 device_control = property
 Optional[cvb.DeviceControl]: Gets the DeviceControl interface if present.
 device_image = property
 Optional[cvb.DeviceImage]: Gets, if available, the device image pointing to the last synchronized image.
 digital_io = property
 Optional[cvb.DigitalIO]: Gets the DigitalIO interface if present.
 image_rect = property
 Optional[cvb.ImageRect]: Gets the ImageRect interface if present.
 node_maps = property
 Dict[str, Optional[cvb.NodeMap]]: Gets the dictionary holding all available NodeMaps.
 resource_locator = property
 str: Gets the access token or path of the file name including its extension.
 software_trigger = property
 Optional[cvb.SoftwareTrigger]: Gets the SoftwareTrigger interface if present.
 stream_count = property
 int: Get the number of streams.

Detailed Description

A GenICam compliant device.