CVB++ 14.0
Mesh< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Mesh< T >, including all inherited members.

CalculateBoundingBox() constMesh< T >inline
FromFile(const String &fileName)Mesh< T >inlinestatic
FromPointCloud(const SparsePointCloudPtr &pointCloud)Mesh< T >inlinestatic
NumPoints() const noexceptMesh< T >inline
NumPolygons() const noexceptMesh< T >inline
PointAt(std::size_t index) const noexceptMesh< T >inline
PolygonAt(std::size_t index) constMesh< T >inline
PolygonIndicesAt(std::size_t index) constMesh< T >inline
RasterDensePointCloud(const Matrix3D &cameraRotation, Vector3D< double > cameraTranslation, double xResIncrement, double yResIncrement)Mesh< T >inline
RasterDensePointCloudToDst(const Matrix3D &cameraRotation, Vector3D< double > cameraTranslation, DensePointCloud &denseCloud)Mesh< T >inline