CVB.Net 14.0
AccessToken Class Reference

Parsed (partial) access token. More...


class  Device
 A GenTL producer device. More...
class  GenApiFeature
 Contains the triplet of NodeMap identifier, Node name and value. More...
class  Info
 Info properties of a module layer. More...
class  Interface
 Represents an interface module of a GenTL producer. More...
class  Node
 Base element of the module layers. More...
class  Parameter
 A GenTL Producer dependent parameter to set. More...
class  TransportLayer
 Represents a GenTL Producer. More...
class  Vin
 Represents a vin driver module. More...

Public Member Functions

string ToStrippedJson ()
 Gets the json string that contains only the necessary data to open a device/node. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static AccessToken Parse (string json)
 Parses the given json access token. More...

Public Attributes

readonly TransportLayer[] TransportLayers = null
 Lists all available transport layers. More...
readonly Vin[] Vins = null
 Lists all available vin-drivers. More...


ModuleLayer DiscoveryLayer [get]
 Gets the discovery layer (the highest module layer) of this token.

Detailed Description

Parsed (partial) access token.

This is a helper data class for interpreting an access token e.g. for a device chooser dialog.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Parse()

static AccessToken Parse ( string  json)

Parses the given json access token.

jsonAccess token as a json text.
Parsed object.

◆ ToStrippedJson()

string ToStrippedJson ( )

Gets the json string that contains only the necessary data to open a device/node.

Minimal json of this object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ TransportLayers

readonly TransportLayer [] TransportLayers = null

Lists all available transport layers.

null if no TransportLayers are present.

◆ Vins

readonly Vin [] Vins = null

Lists all available vin-drivers.

null if no Vins are present.