CVB Driver Structure

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CVB Driver Structure


Compared to manufacturer specific SDKs Common Vision Blox with GenICam offers manufacturer independence and increased image acquisition functionality.

Hardware compatibility is accomplished by using CVB's vin driver technology supporting various acquisition technologies including any GenICam GenTL provider (transport layer).

Being the GenICam GenTL standard maintainers we can assure best support for compliant GenTL providers.




The following acquisition device interface standards are generally used for new applications :


For cameras to connect directly to a PC :

GigE Vision

USB3 Vision


For the fastest applications that will require a frame grabber :


CameraLink HS


Fire Wire (IEEE 1394)


The hardware independent architecture of CVB requires a video interface file (vin) to be loaded, when an image acquisition device is used.
The *.vin format is proprietary to CVB and supports a wide variety of interfaces for acquisition, line scan acquisition, triggered acquisition and many more.


CVB included


File Info

Interworking with

GenICam GenTL Consumer

for interchangeable Transport Layer


Video Interface Driver

%CVB%Drivers (Windows)

/opt/cvb/drivers (Linux)

any GenTL Producer

GigE Vision GenTL Producer


Transport Layer for GigE




compliant devices

USB3 Vision GenTL Producer


Transport Layer for USB3




compliant devices


Hardware emulation

*.avi , *.emu

video files


The video interface (vin) file format is used for all Common Vision Blox drivers.
There are vin-files available for a vast range of different image acquisition devices like frame grabbers, cameras or vision systems.
Please refer to the CVB download area  for driver download matching the CVB versions.

After  device specific driver installation a User Guide is provided in %CVB%Doc/Hardware for more details regarding the installed image acquisition device driver.


Additional supported  hardware integrations


File Info

Download and install for usage with CVB

3rd party GenTL Producer

refer Other Transport Layer

Camera Link, Camera Link HS,

FireWire (IEEE1394),





Active Silicon Firebird Framegrabber

Transport Layer,

can be accessed by GenTL Consumer in CVB due to GenICam compliance

example :










2.manufacturer hardware control software (e.g. runtime or SDK)

   Devices will then appear as a GenICam devices in CVB’s


     example : Allied Vision Vimba software for GenICam transport
     layer support.

   Download area :  

Manufacturer specific hardware driver for Frame Grabber or Camera integration,

developed by STEMMER IMAGING

CVxyz VIN Driver for grabber and cameras without GenICam

example : for Silicon Software Frame Grabber, for DALSA Frame Grabber for IDS cameras


2.manufacturer hardware control software (e.g. runtime or SDK)

3.CVB vin-driver for this hardware


Download area CVB:  

3rd party developed drivers

DDK based proprietary



Hardware supplier


The majority of vin-files are developed by STEMMER IMAGING, a Driver Developers Kit (DDK) is available for larger image acquisition hardware manufacturers to purchase.

For further information on purchasing the DDK please contact STEMMER IMAGING.


Additional supported  software  integrations


File Info

Download and install for usage with CVB

CVB Software Driver for 3rd party Applications

Sherlock CVB Driver,

Vision Pro CVB Driver


2.3rd Party Application (e.g. IPD Sherlock, Cognex Vision Pro)

3.CVB software driver for this product

    example : Sherlock CVB driver, VisionPro CVB driver

4. Vision Hardware dependant Driver and Software (refer above)

Download area CVB:  


Supported Operating systems and other system requirements for the GenICam driver


Microsoft Windows 32-bit / 64-bit  

Linux 32-bit / 64-bit (Ubuntu, Mint, Kubuntu), Yocto (OpenEmbedded Linux)

Support for ARM platforms


For more details please refer to Release Notes chapter.

If possible use the newest CVB version because of many improvements in the GenICam package.