GenICam Standard

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GenICam Standard


The GenICam™ standard (Generic Interface for Cameras) provides a generic software interface for any kind of vision acquisition devices, independent of their hardware interface.

It allows access to devices such as cameras or strobe controllers via a standardised interface, no matter which technology-such as GigE Vision, CameraLink, CameraLink HS, CoaXPress or USB3 Vision-is used.


The GenICam standard consists of different modules, each addressing a specific part of a typical vision system:



   GENeric Transport Layer is the transport layer interface for enumerating cameras, grabbing images from the camera and moving images to the user application.



   GENeric Application Programming Interface enables listing and configuration of features available with a device.



   The Standard Features Naming Convention defines the name, type and behaviour of the device settings.



   CLProtocol is a GenTL module allowing CameraLink cameras to be addressed using GenICam.


For more information refer the EMVA homepage :


GenICam: standardized communication with cameras