Common Vision Blox 14.1
Modular Embedded - Licensing


Checking you License Status

Reactivating Your License


Every Modular Embedded System from STEMMER IMAGING ships with a the Common Vision Blox Image Manager that is bound to the device ID of the Nvidia Jetson module on the board.

Upon shipment, the license will already have been activated by STEMMER IMAGING, but whenever you flash a new JetPack image onto the device it will be necessary to reactivate the license (see Reactivating Your License).

Checking your License Status

The Common Vision Blox License Manager application is the interface for you to manage the Common Vision Blox license on your board. The board's current license status can be checked there:

The Embedded License Key is your 7x4 character activation code for your specific board. It will only be considered valid on the Jetson module with the Embedded Device ID printed below the key.

If an Image Manager Embedded License is available on your system, the Serial Numbers tab of the License Manager will show a corresponding Common Vision Blox Serial number in the range [100,000 ... 199,999]:

Reactivating Your License

There are scenarios where it will be necessary to reactivate your Image Manager Embedded license when working with the Modular Embedded board. The most common one will be when the device has been flashed with a new JetPack image.

If your board comes up without an Image Manager Embedded license, the License Manager will show this:

If the license does not match your Jetson board (e. g. because an image from a different board has been copied to it), it will shop up like this:

In both cases, locate the 7x4 character alphanumeric activation key that came with the device, open the Common Vision Blox License Manager. Note, that you have to start the License Manager as administrator with sudo. Then head to the "Embedded License" tab and click the "Add new license key" button and enter the key:

Note that the "OK" button will only be enabled if the key is valid and matches the Jetson device you are trying to enter it on.

If you cannot locate your key, please contact and please provide us with your Embedded Device ID that is shown on the Embedded License tab of the License Manager (in this example: "1421222000846"):