CVBpy 14.0
CorrelationMethod Class Reference

Correlation calculation methods. More...

Inherits object.

Static Public Attributes

int CorrelationCoefficients = 1
 Calculate the normalized correlation coefficients between image and template. More...
int CrossCorrelation = 2
 Calculate the cross correlations between image and template.
int SumOfSquareDistances = 0
 Normalized sum of square distances. More...

Detailed Description

Correlation calculation methods.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CorrelationCoefficients

int CorrelationCoefficients = 1

Calculate the normalized correlation coefficients between image and template.

These can be considered a measure of similarity between the input image and the template. Wherever the correlation coefficient is high (maximum is 1.0), image and template are very similar. Where the correlation coefficient approaches zero, the similarities vanish.

◆ SumOfSquareDistances

int SumOfSquareDistances = 0

Normalized sum of square distances.

Strictly speaking, this is not a correlation, but the inverse of it (that is when looking at the resulting accumulator, dark spots indicate a close match between the image and the template, whereas bright areas indicate image regions, where there is little to no similarity between image and template).