CVBpy 14.0
AffineMatrix3D Class Reference

Affine transformation matrix for 3D. More...

Inherits object.

Public Member Functions

cvb.AffineMatrix3D identity ()
 An identity transformation. More...
None invert (self)
 Inverts this transformation if possible. More...


 det = property
 float: Transformation determinant.
 is_translation = property
 bool: Checks if this transformation describes a translation.
 matrix = property
 cvb.Matrix3D: Gets or sets the matrix part of the transformation.
 translation = property
 cvb.Point3D: Gets or sets the translation part of the transformation.

Detailed Description

Affine transformation matrix for 3D.

This is a compact version of ␈ CVC3DMatrixH with the last row being { 0, 0, 0, 1 }. So no perspective transformation is possible, but translation, rotationand scaling is.)

Defines a transformation.


matrix : Optional[cvb.Matrix2D] The matrix part.

translation : Optional[cvb.Point3D] The translation part.

Member Function Documentation

◆ identity()

cvb.AffineMatrix3D identity ( )

An identity transformation.


cvb.AffineMatrix3D An identity transformation.

◆ invert()

None invert (   self)

Inverts this transformation if possible.

Might cause division by zero.