Image Manager (CVCImg.dll) 14.0
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Area and MatrixData structures and functions to work with areas of interest and their transformations
 Coordinate SystemTCoordinateMap data structure and related functions to work with IImageVPA objects' image coordinate system
 DrawingFunctions for destructive drawing
 Image HandlingFunctions to create, copy and access basic properties of IImageVPA IMG handles
 IImageVPA InterfaceCVB 2D image using the VPAT
 VPATVirtual Pixel Access Table
 License QueriesFunctions to query the current license state
 Object ManagementFunctions to manage the life-time of an OBJ
 PixelList HandlingFunctions to create, access and modify IPixelList PIXELLIST handles
 IPixelList InterfaceDynamic pixel data list
 ProcessingFunctions and types used to work with pixel data