Software Trigger Configuration

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Software Trigger Configuration


Configuring a Software Trigger


To activate it, the Trigger Mode must be set to "On" .

Trigger Source must be set to "Software" and Exposure Mode to "Timed".

For a quick test, the Trigger Software field in the GenICam Property Grid provides an Execute button to send a signal.




To test the configuration within a software solution, the trigger can be either sent via the the GenAPI (refer CVB Manual chapter Image Manager - GenICam Library) or  the ISoftwareTrigger interface (e.g. VB.NET Grabber OCX Example) which is shown in CVB tutorials.

Also it can be used with CVB Viewer:


On arrival of a software signal, the image will be captured and processed by the application.

Be aware that there exists a standard timout interval.  If the delay between the trigger signals is too large, this will result in Timout Error messages (CVB error #4).

Change the timeout value to a higher value in this case.


For details regarding the ISoftwareTrigger Interface please refer to the SDK -> Supported Interfaces chapter.