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The GenICam standard provides a wide range of configurable parameters, the most important ones are described on the following pages.

These parameters are generally subdivided into mandatory features as well as custom ones, which might not be implemented by every manufacturer.

This can result in minor differences in the setup of specific functionality between device vendors.


The Common Vision Blox GenICam driver reads the specific driver configuration from the file GenICam.ini which can be found under :

Windows : %CVBDATA%Drivers

Linux : /etc/opt/cvb/drivers


Refer also CVB Driver Structure chapter for overview of driver configuration options and differences.


On the following pages there are guides for :

getting a live view using the GenICam Browser,

storing settings in the GenICam.ini file,

changing image settings,

use cases

hardware dependent interface configuration (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, other Transport Layers)