GenICam Browser

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GenICam Browser


The GenICam Browser is used to detect connected devices via available Transport Layers and configure them.

GenICam Browser can be opened with:

Windows: Start Menu STEMMER  IMAGING Common Vision Blox and under %CVB%Applications

Linux: /opt/cvb/bin         Run the GenICamBrowser with ./GenICamBrowser

After detection and configuration the specific device and driver data have to be saved as Configured Devices.

To open the Common Vision Blox (CVB) *.vin driver (CVB video interface) at least one device has to be stored and accessible in Configured Devices (green camera icon).
To test the correct device settings close the device in GenICam Browser and open a Common Vision Blox application (e.g. CVB Viewer or one of the Image Manager tutorials)

Open the application

Select 'File'

Select 'Open...'

Select the vin file from %CVB%Drivers (Windows) or /opt/cvb/drivers (Linux)

To access the devices and load the *.vin device driver all CVB tools and tutorials can be used in the same way.

Device specific features as Turbo Drive can be tested and used in tools and tutorials accessing *.vin driver only, not with GenICam Browser, which uses the Transport Layer.


All CVB GenICam core elements are represented in GenICam Browser:

Driver specific configuration file (GenICam.ini) - represented in Configured Devices

Transport Layer  - listed in Available Devices / Advanced Config
GigE Vision - GEVTL.cti with Filter Driver (GEVFD.dll, GEVFDX.dll, siFilterIP.sys, siNetFilter.sys) and Socket Driver (GEVSD.dll)
USB 3 Vision - CVUSBTL.cti)

Camera parameter description file (*.xml) - displayed in Property Grid / Nodemap.
The XML description is the code that is to be interpreted according to features, registers and ports - SFNC based.