ISoftwareTrigger Interface

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ISoftwareTrigger Interface


ISoftwareTrigger Interface description - software controlled triggering


The ISoftwareTrigger interface permits the sending of a software controlled Trigger to the camera without any external trigger signal.

To use the software trigger the camera or device has to be set to software trigger.

The camera configuration can be customized with the GenICam Browser.

In CVB the trigger feature is set with the

GenerateSoftwareTrigger method of the Grabber Control or the

function STTrigger of the ISoftware Trigger Interface of the Driver-Dll.

The documentation for both possibilities is available in the Common Vision Blox Manual.


A platform independent C++ code example can be found in the MultiOSConsole Example (Camera.cpp) of the Image Manager

Windows: %CVB%Tutorial\Image Manager\VC\VCMultiOSConsole

Linux :        /opt/cvb/tutorial/ImageManager/ComplexMultiOSConsoleExample


Practical configuration examples can be found in the Use Cases - Trigger Configuration chapter of this manual.