IRingBuffer Interface

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IRingBuffer Interface

IRingbuffer Interface : image acqusition using ringbuffer


The ring buffer was designed to do a continuous acquisition into an image ring buffer.

It protects image buffers against overwriting and can buffer several images if the following processing takes longer than the image acquisition for a short period of time.

The ring buffer is used automatically with every CVB image acquisition and a default size of 3 buffers.

It is recommend to use a value around the expected framerate so that a period of one second can be buffered.

This can be modified in the option settings of the GenICam Browser.


The IRingbuffer interface can be used to modify the number of used buffers programmatic.

It supports also other ring buffer modes.

The access to the IRingbuffer interface can be done in CVB via the

RingBuffer-functions of the Driver Library respectively the use of the

RingBuffer Control.

A description of both RingBuffer-implementations can be found in the Common Vision Blox Manual.

For testing purposes, please use the CVB Image Manager Tutorials : VC or Delphi Ringbuffer Example.