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This chapter provides information about supported programming interfaces and hints for the use of the CVB vin-driver with your image acquisition device.

In general the programming hints refer to related detailed chapters in the section Image Manager from the Common Vision Blox Manual and  %CVB%Doc directory.


Ausrufezeichen_16x16 Please be aware that examples mentioned here are related to the newest CVB version, downloadable in CVB web.


CVB provides a set of interfaces for all main features of an image acquisition device such as grab, software trigger, ringbuffer and much more grouped by functionality :


Driver (dll and Grabber/Linescan/DigIO/RingBuffer ActiveX Control) :

This library contains functions to control all image acquisition device drivers.

Find functionality with : BoardSelect and CameraSelect, DeviceControl, NodeMapHandle, Grab, Snap, Trigger, Image, Buffer, etc.


Gen API (CVGenApi.dll and GenICam ActiveX Control) :

The GenAPI is part of the GenICam™ standard whereas the transport layer is typically provided by the camera or software vendor. The XML files are provided by the relevant vendor.

At runtime, it may be necessary to modify individual camera features or present these to the end user.

This can be achieved, on the one hand, using the CV Gen Api functions for accessing the CVB GenICam interface and, on the other, the Common Vision Gen Api Grid Control.

Find functionality with : NodeMap, NM, Node, N, Load, Save, Get, Set, Info, etc.


Image (dll and ActiveX Grid Control) :

This core library contains functions to generate, manage and manipulate image objects.

Find functionality with : Area, Matrix, Map, Rect, Coordinate, Dongle, License, Tool, Draw, Fill, Flood, Image, Create, Copy, Set, Write, Error, Object, etc.


Display (ActiveX Control) :

This core library contains functions to control every aspect of displaying images

Find functionality with : Display, Object, Overlay, Area, Label, Image, Window, etc.


Utilities (dll) :

This library contains functions for accessing CVB image data directly as well as functions that are not directly associated with CVB e.g. High Performance counters.