Configuring Jumbo Frames/Packets

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Configuring Jumbo Frames/Packets


This section provides a step-by-step instruction to configure a PC and a GigE Vision camera to use jumbo packets.

CVB and the Genicam vin-driver needs to be installed and a camera has to be attached and accessible (reachable IP addresses, etc).


1) Set up the NIC to process Jumbo Packets first


a) Set up a NIC to allow Jumbo Packets under Windows

b) Set up a NIC to allow Jumbo Packets under Linux



2) Configuring CVB Genicam Driver and Camera to use Jumbo Packets


In the GenICam Browser select the device to be configured and click the Device Options button App-package-settings-icon .

PacketSize parameter can then be changed to the optimum value.

Which value should be used depends on the used hardware. A network card has a maximum PacketSize.

But also a switch and the camera can have a maximum supported PacketSize. So this parameter must not exceed the maximum PacketSize from one of the used hardware devices.

As recommendation use 8192 as Jumbo Frames packet size if supported by camera and network card.

Some cameras only support a maximum PacketSize of 4040 (e.g. JAI cameras). So If you don't get images anymore after rising the PacketSize try to use a smaller packet size.


Now you can set the size of the packets with the Packet Size parameter Device options dialog which writes the value into the GenICam.ini File.





For cameras providing a PacketSize range within specific limits the possible PacketSize values can be determined using the NodeMap (PropertyGrid) in GenICam Browser.

To check if a value for PacketSize will be accepted you can always retrieve the info with selecting the PacketSize feature and read the GenICam Node GevSCPSPacketSize info (range between 512 and 9216 in the example below).






3) When used - enable Jumbo Packets in the switch


Jumbo Frames have to be also enabled when using a switch.

When configuring Jumbo Frames on a switch, set the frame size - if requested - 4 bytes higher for CRC, plus four bytes if using VLANs or QoS packet tagging.

Example :