Master / Slave Configuration

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Master / Slave Configuration


Master/ Slave Configuration


Daisy Chain


Some cameras can be connected as a Daisy Chain (e.g. Allied Vision FireWire models). The Master camera is triggering the slave camera(s).

CameraOut1 is connected to next CameraIn1

SyncOut1/StrobeOut1 set to "Exposing"


The configuration of the cameras is done in CVB Property Grid :


Master camera settings :

Trigger Mode: ON

Exposure Mode: Timed

Exposure Output is then active for triggering the slave camera

Exposure Time: <value>us

Frequence control through Darktime value


Slave camera settings :


Trigger Mode: ON

ExposureMode: OFF

Exposure Time: <value>us


There  may be a delay between the exposure output of the master camera and starting of the exposure of the slave camera and also a jitter between the trigger signal on the input of the slave camera and starting the exposure.

It is recommended to externally trigger both cameras, if the cameras should operate synchronously with higher frame rates to avoid the delay.