Common Vision Blox 14.0
License Key Request
Common Vision Blox CameraSuite is provided free of charge for all operating systems with any GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras delivered from STEMMER IMAGING.
It is licensed independently from the operating system to the individual MAC address of the camera for GigE Vision cameras,
respectively to the serial number plus vendor ID for USB3 Vision cameras number and is therefore not bound to the computer hardware or a dongle.

Please request your licence key activation code:
  • for a GigE Vision camera by entering the MAC address
  • for an USB3 Vision camera by entering Serial number

Request activation code:

Where do I find the camera MAC address?

You find the MAC address directly on your camera. It is usually shown in the following or similar form: 01-23-45-67-89-ab. It consists of numbers and letters from A to F.
You cannot find the MAC address on your camera?
Please contact our technical support team.

Where do I find the camera serial number?

  • You will find the serial number directly on the camera and/or on the camera packaging. It consists of a combination of numbers and letters, e.g. U500737.
  • Alternatively, you can generate a list of serial numbers of all connected cameras by using the "Isual" tool which is included in the CVB CameraSuite and can be found in the following directory %CVB%\Hardware\StemmerImaging\Utilities.
You cannot find the serial number neither on the camera nor on the packaging and you cannot obtain it via the Isual tool?
Please contact our technical support team.