Common Vision Blox 14.0
Modular Embedded


Open Source Software

Parts of the software Common Vision Blox have been realized using components that are available as open-source software (OSS). Please refer to the file for a complete list of modules.

For the Modular Embedded ecosystem, the X550 kernel driver has been modified to accept connections with less than 10 Gbit. In accordance with the terms of the GPL v2.0 under which the X550 kernel driver has been published, the changes applied by STEMMER IMAGING are available under the terms of the GPL v2.0 under (branch: feature/rev2-kernel)

Information About h.265 Compression

Please note that the h.265 codec relies on several patented technologies. Therefore, for commercial use of the h.265 a license must be purchased from the patent owners.

The are currently three organizations that represent the holders of patents used in the implementation of the h.265 standard:

As the exact licensing terms and fees are subject to change it is recommended that you contact these three bodies to inquire the current licensing terms and fees if you plan to publish a commercial application that utilizes h.265 technology.