siNetFilter Driver Installation

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siNetFilter Driver Installation


Windows only


The siNetFilter Driver for GigE Vision technology is used to bypass the standard network stack (used by the operating system) for all data stream packets.

It filters GigE Vision related data packets and transfers them directly to an application-provided data buffer.

This greatly reduces the CPU load of the system.

All non GigE Vision data stream related packets are unaffected.


Basically all CVB installations contain the siNetFilter Driver for GigE Vision. (refer %CVB%Hardware/StemmerImaging/siNetFilter)


Under certain circumstances it could be necessary to uninstall / reinstall / update / disable or enable the GigE Vision Filter Driver.


Consider always the maximum number of Filter Drivers configured on your system when installing filter driver  (except Windows 10):

(each NIC counts as one siNetFilter Driver, other Filter Driver maybe installed without recognition, e.g. through VBox, VPN, etc. - so maximum has to be increased)