Turbo Drive

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Turbo Drive


Specific Teledyne DALSA GigE Vision cameras (e.g. Genie Nano, Linea) supporting a Turbo Transfer mode > TurboDrive feature.

This feature allows an increase of the frame rate while loss-less data compression and transmission via Gigabit Ethernet extend the capability of the data throughput (typically 100 MBytes/s) achievable with GigE Vision systems.


Common Vision Blox can handle this Turbo Transfer mode and therefore improve the transfer rates until double the standard throughput (depending on image settings).

To set the feature and test it please follow the 2 steps:


1. The feature has to be enabled and saved (for devices supporting TurboDrive) in the GenICam.vin driver:

a) in GenICam Browser Configured Devices -> Device Options dialog window.



b)   Set the Turbo Drive Feature in CVB Viewer within the GenICam.ini file:



2. Turbo Drive can be tested and used in tools and tutorials accessing *.vin driver only, not with GenICam Browser, which uses the Transport Layer.

Therefore use a tutorial from %CVB%Tutorial directory and load the GenICam.vin driver or use the CVB Viewer.


Acquisition Frame Rate (Std::AcquisitionFrameRate)- specifies the camera internal frame rate, in Hz.


Maximum Sustained Frame Rate(Cust::maxSustainedFrameRate) - maximum sustained frame rate that can be achieved by the camera in the current configuration (Resolution, Pixel Format and the camera's internal bandwidth limitations).

When TurboDrive is enabled, this value also takes the feature transferAverageBlockSize into account.


Example with Genie Nano M1940, running with Turbo Drive and 64,40 fps :



Data Rate = Resolution * Frame Rate * Bit depth = (1290*1080) * 64,4 fps * 8 Bit = 134 MByte transfered over GigE with Turbo Drive.