Driver Release Notes for CVB 11.x (CVB 2011)

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Driver Release Notes for CVB 11.x (CVB 2011)



CVB GenICam Driver


Driver Name:

  vin-driver version refer table below

      List of Supported Interfaces



Registry entries concerning the use of the Common Vision Blox GenICam driver are located at the following key in the Windows registry:




The following entry exists:

CV GenICam Driver INI-File=$(CVB)\Drivers\GenICam.ini


Details regarding the INI-file are explained here.


Bug fixes & Notes




CVB 11.0 - March 2011


based on SI Filter driver v

fixed YUV Color Conversion

updated documentation for configurations and hints regarding Software Trigger and Set Longtime Exposure

updated documentation for Connection Monitoring



July 2011 -not yet released


new SI Filter driver v



CVB 11.1 - February 2012

Added padding to pixel formats

Pixelformat detection sused symbolic, Numeric value is fallback



CVB 11.1 - April 2012


for testing please have a look at the new version of the CVB Viewer



August 2012

Added info regarding camera packet size



CVB 11.2 - December 2013


The CreateAutoIni flag now works with transport layers other than GevTL.cti as well.

G2Wait no longer returns a CVC_E_TIMEOUT error when the running grab was terminated with G2Freeze(kill = true).

IRImageOffset did not have an effect when trying to set a new image offset because internally the driver did try to use the wrong node map to apply the change in size.

IRImageSize calls that set a new image size no longer cause a reference count leak.

In the previous release, calling Snap on an instance of the driver that had all its buffers filled by a previous grab did result in undefined behavior (and potentially an application crash). This has been fixed.

The now properly initializes the uppermost bits to zero when streaming and unpacking 10 bit packed data into memory.

With 12 bit packed pixel formats, the red and blue plane is not switched any more.

A problem has been eliminated that did lead to devices being blocked until driver unload when trying to port-switch to devices with unsupported pixel formats.

New implementation of the SocketDriver with much higher performance.

A problem in ring buffer handling has been fixed.

Fixed bug in 10/12Bit packet formats converted to 16Bit Mono

Fixed invalid LockMode handling.

CVB Datatype is now 12Bit when an RGB12Packed is converted to CVB Color Format RGB 16Bit.

Changed G2Grab queue with conversion so that at G2Grab all buffers are requeued/unlocked. This might cause a problem for people who have been used to the old behavior but the downside of not getting an image was more dramatic in my opinion.

fixed bug for RGB16Packed

DCStringCommand now works with the parameters available in iDC_GenICam.h



CVB 11.2 (11.002.003) - June 2014

changed number format in DCStringCommand from hex notation to decimal notation for applicable commands

fixed EnableAutoSwitch

fixed release of first channel in combination with new implemented iNotify