INodeMapHandle/INodeMapHandle2 Interface

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INodeMapHandle/INodeMapHandle2 Interface


INodeMapHandle Interface : access to the GenICam Nodemap


This interface is used to obtain access to the GenICam NodeMap for the current device (e.g. a GigE Vision camera).

INodeMapHandle is part of the Driver Library and provides functions to set and retrieve values from the NodeMap.

A description of the INodeMapHandle functions can be found in the Common Vision Blox Manual.


Sample Code in C++ (CVB 2017 - 13.x.x)

// Check if INodemap interface is available

if (CanNodeMapHandle((IMG)m_cvImg.GetImage()))


  NODEMAP nodeMap = nullptr;

  // Get NodeMap from Camera

  cvbres_t result = NMHGetNodeMap(reinterpret_cast<IMG>(m_cvImg.GetImage()), nodeMap);

  if (result >= 0)


    NODE exposureTimeNode = nullptr;

    result = NMGetNode(nodeMap, "ExposureTime", exposureTimeNode);

    if (result >= 0)


      // Set the Exposuretime to 20ms

      result = NSetAsFloat(exposureTimeNode, 20000);








  // TODO result < 0 => error



Please see also the introduction of the INodeMap Interface in Common Vision Blox Manual.

For testing purposes, please use the CVB GenICam Tutorial : VCSimpleDemo or CSGenICamExample (%CVB%Tutorial\Hardware\GenICam).


INodeMapHandle2 Interface description : access to different Nodemaps


A GenTL exports a number of separate Nodemaps to access logical parts of the driver.

Beside the well known device Nodemap a GenTL Producer provides a Nodemap to configure the Datastream and to get statistical data.

Other technologies might as well have multiple Nodemaps. INodemapHandle2 allows to enumerate the various Nodempas and to get access.