IGrab2/IGrabber Interface

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IGrab2/IGrabber Interface

IGrab2/IGrabber Interface : image acquisition


The IGrab2 interface was designed to do a continuous image acquisition into a image ring buffer and to be able to protect certain image buffers against overwriting.

It provides functions for starting and stopping the acquisition, wait for an image, etc.

All functions of this interface are also used by the CV Image Control if you start an acquisition by setting it's Grab property to TRUE.


The function G2GetGrabStatus with its options offers information about the image acquisition which can be used for monitoring and analysis.


Option examples:


This is related to GigE and indicates the number of data packets received on the GigE Vision streaming channel. 



This is related to GigE and indicates the number of resend requests issued by the host.

If this number increases, it indicates that something is wrong with the data transmission.

Possible reasons may be: Settings of the network card, CPU-load on the host, cable/switch problems, bandwidth problems on the Link.


The IGrabber interface is used for single image acquisition (snap).


A detailed description of the interfaces can be found in the Common Vision Blox Manual.


A platform independent C++ code example is the MultiOSConsole example (Camera.cpp) of the Image Manager

Windows: %CVB%Tutorial\Image Manager\VC\VCMultiOSConsole

Linux :       /opt/cvb/tutorial/ImageManager/ComplexMultiOSConsoleExample