ICameraSelect2 Interface

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ICameraSelect2 Interface


ICameraSelect2 Interface: switching between different devices


The ICameraSelect2 interface allows to switch between different connected cameras or image acquisition devices.


The switching between devices is realized in CVB via the

CS2SetCamPort functions of the Driver Library together with CS2GetCamPort and CS2GetNumPorts or

CamPort property of the Grabber ActiveX Control.


A description of both possibilities can be found in the Common Vision Blox Manual.

To test the basic functionality, please use  the Common Vision Blox Viewer (button Show Grabber properties).


A platform independent C++ code example can be found in the MultiOSConsole example (Camera.cpp) of the Image Manager

Windows:        %CVB%Tutorial\Image Manager\VC\VCMultiOSConsole

Linux :        /opt/cvb/tutorial/ImageManager/ComplexMultiOSConsoleExample