Sample Programs

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Sample Programs


Sample Programs


Example programs with source code for all supported API's using the GenICam Driver, the GenICam Library and the CV GenApi Grid Control are installed with the setup and
are also available within Common Vision Blox API Overview.

They are available via the

Start menu entry Common Vision Blox - Hardware - GenICam or via the

file explorer in the directory ..\Common Vision Blox\Tutorial\.... (%CVB%Tutorial) for Windows  or in /opt/cvb/tutorial directory for Linux.


For GenICam it is recommended to use the CSGenICamExample, VCGenICamGrabConsoleExample or the CSGrabConsole example as reference.

A platform independent example for Windows and Linux is the VCMultiOSConsole tutorial.


However, you can also use all other examples loading the driver and connecting GenICam compliant devices.

1.Start one of the CVB tutorials such as the VCSizeableDisplay and click on the Open button.

2.Select the driver from the ..\Common Vision Blox\Drivers folder (Windows) and you will see an image from the camera.

3.Enable the Grab checkbox to display a live image from the camera.


A detailed description of the CVB Tutorials can be found in the Common Vision Blox Manual.