Driver Release Notes for CVB 12.x (CVB 2016)

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Driver Release Notes for CVB 12.x (CVB 2016)


CVB GenICam Driver


Driver Name:

  vin-driver version refer table below

      List of Supported Interfaces



Registry entries concerning the use of the Common Vision Blox GenICam driver are located at the following key in the Windows registry:




The following entry exists:

CV GenICam Driver INI-File=$(CVB)\Drivers\GenICam.ini


Details regarding the INI-file are explained here.


Bug fixes & Notes



CVB 12.0 (12.00.000) - July 2015

GenICam VIN Driver ( 1.6.19.x:

Fixed conversion for 16Bit PixelFormats

Fixed argument order for RBGetImageVPA

Fixed Event Registration Order to work with other TLs

Added support for TL_DEFINES_PAYLOADSIZE to work with FG-Based GenTL Producers

Packet resend activated by default.

Packet resend can be deactivated/activated in the GenICam.ini file.


GigE Vision Transport Layer (GEVTL.cti) 1.6.16.x:

Fixed race condition at driver close


USB 3 Vision Transport Layer (CVUSBTL.cti) 1.0.1.x:

First release version


Socket Driver (GEVSD.dll) 2.5.10.x:

Fixed race condition at driver close


Filter Driver (GEVFD.dll, GEVFDX.dll, siFilterIP.sys, siNetFilter.sys) 2.0.0.x:

Gige Vision 2.0 compliant

Changed test packet handling.

less strict handling of packet status errors.

New Wireshark dump function.

fixed small bug max number of resends differs by 1.


CVB 12.0 (12.00.005) - December 2015

GenICam VIN Driver ( 1.9.19.x:

Support for TurboDrive: Unique feature for Dalsa TurboDrive