USB3 Vision

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USB3 Vision



USB3 Vision standard


USB3 Vision is a mere protocol or "on the wire" standard, based on USB3.0 standard using USB 3.0 ports.

This means that only the data package layout and a bootstrap register map is defined.

It ensures that a USB3 Vision device needs a certain "basic intelligence" without having to reload firmware.

No manufacturer specific drivers will need to be installed on the host, provided that USB3 Vision compliant software is installed.

USB3 Vision uses the GenICam GenApi device description for camera control.


USB3 Vision defines a transport layer for:


   Device detection

   Register access

   Streaming data

   Event handling


Furthermore USB3 Vision provides an interface to GenICam.


USB3 Vision performance


USB 3.0 operates at a bandwidth of 5 Gbit/s enabling net data rates of substantially more than 350 MBytes/s.


System Requirements


USB external or on-board Host controller card with USB 3.0 ports (usually marked  blue )



USB 3.0 cable (maximum length 5m, we highly recommend the use of machine vision validated USB cables, rather than the cheaper consumer cables)


On Windows 8 and newer USB3 host controllers run using a Microsoft driver.

No vendor driver should be required.  


On Windows 7 USB3 host controllers require vendor specific drivers and/or firmware updates to work properly.
At the moment we can only recommend two chip-set vendors :

o    Intel: Intel is only available on board. The required drivers are usually bundled with the main board software.

o    Renesas: Renesas also provides extension cards for USB3. The following drivers are required (unfortunately exact chipset is printed on the chip in super tiny letters)

       Renesas Bus Driver for D720200 and D70200A controllers 2.1.39

       Renesas Bus Driver for D720201 and D720202 controllers 3.0.23


Chipset  vendor and product ID of the host controller can be read from windows device manager.

oFirst find your USB3 (xhci) Host Controller and open the properties and details.

oVendor IDs (e.g.VEN_8086 for Intel) and Hardware IDs will give hints for the chipset.



USB3 Vision: status and future