GEV Server Introduction

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GEV Server Introduction


The Common Vision Blox GigE Vision Server (CVB GEV Server) presents any CVB image source, like a frame grabber or Firewire camera, as a GigE Vision camera.




Server: The CVB GEV Server behaves like a standard GigE Vision™(GEV) camera.
Client: For the receiving part any GigE Vision compliant software can be used.


It utilizes the CVB Filter Driver which is also used for acquiring images for high performance image streaming within the


Using the CVB GEV Server can be as simple as assigning an image source and starting it. The tool takes care of the rest.
But if you wish, you also have the possibility to fine-tune its behavior from being able to do image preprocessing up to defining your custom GenICamTM GenApi features.
With the latter you can easily remote control the PC and hardware on which the CVB GEV Server runs.
This is done programmatically – there is no need to learn XML or the GenICamTM GenApi description format as the features are generated automatically.


CVB uses the in conjunction with the high performance Filter Driver which is also used for all other GigE Vision cameras.


As with all other CVB tools the CVB GEV Server needs the Image Manager to be installed and licensed.

Two different licenses for the CVB GEV Server exist:

Unicast License: Point-to-point connections between one client and one server system.

Multicast License: Point-to-multipoint connections between multiple clients and one server system.

If no license is provided the CVB GEV Server runs in demo mode. The demo mode resembles a Multicast License limited to a total transfer volume of 5000 frames.


GEVServer applications are installed in %CVB%Tutorial\GEVServer.